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What My Clients Are Saying

Kaye has done an absolutely wonderful job on my motley crew who range from blind husky to snuffly pug; from old german shepherd who just wants a quiet life to young strays who want to bounce around like a box of frogs!

She's catered for all needs and all personality types with kindness and calm professionalism, I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who loves their furbaby and wants the best treatment for them!

L. Anna Thompson-Hall

Thank you Kaye for doing such a great cut for Milo when you were in the UK last month. I know he is a handful!! Typical Spaniel as you know. How you managed to do such a good job given that he does not sit still for a second, I will never know. It's almost worth the flight out to you every 6 weeks. Thanks a million.

Richard Mathers

Kenchi looks so adorable with his summer haircut. Thank you, Ms. Kaye, for taking good care of Kenchi!

Noel De Castro

Kaye did such an amazing job with our fur babies and it seemed they actually enjoyed their time at the groomers! Her goal was to make sure my senior dog, Hunny, had minimum stress and that we also got what we asked for both pets. She succeeded; Hunny looks absolutely amazing and she seems really calm! We will definitely be taking Bubba and Hunny Back!

Donneshia Houston

We had a fantastic experience with Kaye getting out boxer groomed! He came back relaxed and smelling wonderful. Highly recommended to everyone!

Jenna White

I can't believe how calm Izzy was with you while grooming. She's normally a nervous wreck! Thank you so much. We'll definitely be back!

Julianne Granleese

I have worked with Kaye before. She is very compassionate to animals and has done much volunteer work. Great groomer! You won't be disappointed with any of the services she offers.

Peg Altemueller

I wouldn't leave my cats in the care of just anyone, but Kaye really showed me that she cares so much about them all that it was an easy decision to leave the, in with her to look after whilst I was out of the country.

One of my cats is deaf and pretty skittish and another is terrified of her own shadow. Whilst grooming, she really took her time with them and kept them as calm as they could be. Would highly recommend her grooming and fury babysitting services.

Kelly Hasan

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